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Smart Devices facilitates you to control any electrical appliance remotely while sitting at your home or anywhere across the globe. You can access your electrical appliances like Fan, Lights, Table Lamp, Air Conditioner, Water Motor with your finger tips. We offer following ways to control your devices.

How it works?

We will give you a portable device called Smart Hub, and integrate a small piece of hardware with your room's switch board called, Smart Switch Board. Both of these shall be connected via your WiFi network. Once connected, you will be able to switch your devices ON and OFF, get their status, receive alerts and schedule all your devices to switch at specific time frames. Our system can works online as well as offline and can work with low bandwidth, low latency networks.

Mobile App

Setup in few seconds, Smart Devices mobile app offers you to control your electrical appliances on the move. You can switch your devices at multiple locations like home and office with single account. Our iPhone app is under development. Our Android app offers following features

  • Switch your devices ON/OFF
  • Get current status of your devices
  • Work also on 2G networks
  • Work online and offline

Cloud Dashboard

Access your devices from any PC or laptop from anywhere in the world via Smart Devices Cloud. Our Cloud Dashboard can be access online via "Smart Devices Cloud" or offline via Smart Hub IP address. Cloud Dashboard offers following features

  • Switch your devices ON/OFF
  • Get current status of your devices
  • Manage multiple Smart Hubs
  • Manage your Cloud Account

Browser Extension

Are you browsing Facebook or composing an important email, you don't have to getup just to switch light. Smart Devices browser extension let you do this with one click. No hassle to login daily. Just click tiny extension icon and access all your devices right in your favorite browser. We offer browser extension currently for Chrome, Opera and Firefox with following features

  • Switch your devices ON/OFF
  • Get current status of your devices
  • Sync with Smart Devices Cloud

Chat Bots

Chat with your home and your Smart Home reply you just like intelligent human being. Smart Devices chat bot is power by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and can communicate with Smart Hub to get status of your appliances. You have to download Telegram app for this and search for SmartHome_bot. In few minutes you will able to chat with your Home Bot with following features

  • Switch your devices ON/OFF
  • Get current status of your devices

How it Works?

Our Products

9,900 PKR

Smart Hub

Smart Hub is central communication unit that receive commands from your mobile app, authenticate it and route it to Smart Switch Board. Smart Hub is also responsible to provide latest status of all connected devices to Mobile App, Cloud Dashboard etc. All Smart Switches connected via WiFi with Smart Hub and there is no limit on number of connections. Smart Hub itself connect with your WiFi router via LAN cable and powered by 5v power adapter same as your mobile phone.

4900 - 6900 PKR

Smart Switch Board

Smart Switch Board is a WiFi base hardware that actually switch your appliances like Tube Light or Fan. It auto connect with Smart Hub once turned ON and ready to receive commands. We offers two Smart Switch Board models. Model one offers 2 switches while model two offers 5 switches. Both models also offers manual switching along with status LED.

About Us

Smart Devices mission is to become leading IoT company of the region. Our award winning products are affordable, easy to install and use. We won Pakistan's first IoT award under Smart Home category. Our experienced team is revolutionizing life of human being.

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